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Plasmen in Hollywood

The portray of science is often an integral part of many movies. In most cases scientific facts are heavily distorted to fit the dramaturgy of the script. In the following examples, plasma physics elements are used in the cinema.


"Plasma" in movies

  • Light Sabre, Star Wars
    The light sabre is the most famous weapon in the Star Wars universe. In the original films, no attempt has been made to explain its working principle. Many fans however tried to find an explanation including plasmas. One possible method for a light sabre could be based on laser guided lightning.
  • Plasma-fuel cell, Terminator 3
    In many cases the dialogue needs to be filled with pseudo science tech talk. One example is Terminator 3, where it is claimed that the machines are powered by plasma reactors, whatever that means.
  • Pinch, Ocean's Eleven
    In Ocean's Eleven, a pinch is fired to shut down the power in Las Vegas. Although the director of that movie visited the real pinch plasma in Sandia, their display of the pinch in the movie is pure fantasy.
  • Bubble Fusion, Chain Reaction
    Cold fusion has been the theme of severely Hollywood movies. In its original version it relates to the electrochemistry of heavy water an palladium electrodes. In the case of sonoluminescence it is believed that inside collapsing bubbles high temperatures and densities might be reachable.
  • Inertial Fusion, Spiderman 2
    Inertial Fusion or laser fusion is the main theme in Spiderman 2. The display of the working principle of a laser fusion device is hilarious.
  • Solar Wind, The Core
    The Core is one of the most stupid movies in terms of displaying physics. Almost no scene is without a flaw. It is claimed that the earth magnetic field is reduced because convection in the earth core stopped. This causes polar lights to appear at lower latitudes, which is correct, however the reasons for the solar wind to harm the earth are pure fantasy.


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