PhD Thesis Projects

  • Markus Brochhagen:
  • Beatrix Biskup:
  • Theresa Urbanietz:
  • Vincent Layes: Fundamental surface processes in HiPIMS plasmas: physics and chemistry at the plasma magnetron target interface
  • Katharina Grosse: Discharge ignition, dynamics and cheistry of nanosecond pulsed plasmas in water
  • Julian Held: Transient transport phenomena magnetron sputtering discharges in High Power Impuls
  • Mark Stamminger: Fluorocarbon plasma erosion of silica glass doped with aluminum
  • Judith Golda: Cross-Correlating Discharge Physics, Excitation Mechanisms and Plasma Chemistry to Describe the Stability of an RF-Excited AP Argon Plasma Jet
  • Gert Willems: Reaction Chemistry in Non-Equilibrium Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas
  • Mohamed Hefny: Experimental study of cold atmospheric plasmas for plasma medicine research and applications
  • Wolfgang Breilmann: The connection between spokes and the energy distribution function of ions in high power impulse magnetron sputtering
  • Sarah Siepa: Global collisional-radiative model for optical emission spectroscopy of argon and argon-containing plasmas
  • Stefan Spiekermeier: Transient metastable dynamics in atmospheric pressure microplasma jets
  • Daniel Schröder: Dynamic processes in a self-pulsing microplasma jet
  • Simon Große-Kreul: Mass spectrometry of ions from atmospheric pressure plasmas
  • Katja Ruegner: Investigation of surface processes during the growth of thin films with cold atmospheric pressure plasmas
  • Hendrik Bahre: a-C:H/a-Si:H multilayer as elongation tolerant barrier coatings on polymers
  • Simon Schneider: A cold atmospheric pressure plasma jet as a selective source of reactive components for the quantitative study of plasma treatment mechanisms concerni
  • Barbara Barwe: Investigation of atmospheric microplasma jets for material synthesis
  • Thomas Kuschel: Investigation of breakdown, similarity laws, instabilities and metastable atoms in parallel plate microdischarges
  • Brankica Sikimic: Dynamics of reactive and non-reactive capacitively coupled radio-frequency driven plasma discharges in response to nanoparticle formation
  • Marina Prenzel: Control of aluminium oxide deposition by variable biasing
  • Andreas Aschinger: Dynamic Light Scattering on Complex Plasmas
  • Ruediger Reuter: Material Synthesis in Microplasmas
  • Dirk Ellerweg: Reaction chemistry in microplasma jets
  • Benedikt Niermann: The role of metastable atoms in radio-frequency micro-plasma jet discharges operated at atmospheric pressure
  • Henrik Boettner: Dynamics in micro-scaled atmospheric pressure plasma arrays
  • Nikolas Knake: Build-up of Atomic Oxygen Densities in the Discharge Core of a Micro-Scaled Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet
  • Tim Baloniak: Erzeugung massgeschneiderter Ionen-Energieverteilungen in Niederdruckplasmen
  • Christian Wachtendorf: Entwicklung einer Plasmaquelle zur lokalen Beschichtung von Innen- und Aussenflaechen und deren experimentelle und numerische Charakterisierung
  • Jens Raensch: Far infrared scattering on plasma crystals
  • Raphaela Meissner: Investigation of Growth and Optical Properties of Plasma Synthesised a-C:H:(:N) Nanoparticles by means of Laser Light Scattering
  • Timo Dittmar: Development of an in situ, real-time ellipsometer to study erosion and deposition at the first wall in tokamak discharges
  • Christian Scharwitz: The Plasma Absorption Probe:Optimisation by model-based design variations
  • Martin Schulze: Diagnostik von Niederdruckplasmen zur kontrollierten Synthese von Kohlenwasserstoff-Nanoteilchen
  • Janine-Christina Schauer: PECVD-Deposition and Characterisation of C-Si Thin Film Systems on Metals
  • Olivera Stepanovic: Influence of Hydrogen Atoms on the Growth of carbon based Nanoparticles and of Thin Films from reactive Plasmas
  • Eva Kovacevic: Plasma polymerized carbonaceous nanoparticles: application as astroanalog
  • Bernd Lorenz: Anomale Helikonwellenabsorption und parametrische Anregung elektrostatischer Fluktuationen in einer Helikonentladung
  • Bernd Clarenbach: Spektroskopische Methoden zur Untersuchung der Entwicklung hochdichter Helikonentladungen
  • Suk-ho Hong: From Thin Films to Nanoparticles: Investigation of Polymerization Processes in Capacitively Coupled Hydrocarbon Plasmas
  • Marc Böke: Lithium-Atomstrahl-Spektroskopie als Diagnostik zur Bestimmung von Dichte und Temperatur der Elektronen in Niedertemperaturplasmen